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your referrals

and home sales.

Real Shops Improves Sales Conversion Rates

Our studies have proven that salespeople who consistently complete a planned selling presentation will substantially increase their net sales.  Real Shops accurately measure how often your sales staff is performing the elements of their sales presentations and are based on interviews with real prospective buyers — the people who are best qualified to be a “shopper” — who recently toured the community and spent time with the salesperson.   We use guest registrations recently collected by the salesperson and interview five prospects that are randomly selected from the registration list.

Real Insights Improves Customer Relations

Creating satisfied homebuyers is like trying to hit a moving target – everyone who interacts with the buyers (directly or through policy decisions) will have an influence on their perceptions.  Each buyer is involved with a wide range of community and company policies and procedures, different departments and multiple staff members, and each buyer has a unique story to tell about their perspective and experience.

Real Issues Increase a Community’s Sales

When a community is under-performing and management is trying to decide what to change in order to turn the sales around, we’ve found that in-depth interviews conducted with the prospects who visited the community during the past three to six months provide the ideal knowledge and insights to discover the specific causes and arrive at the best solutions for increasing sales.

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